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Packing Fragile Parcel Items eGuide

Packing Fragile Items

Just like with any other product your customers order, they expect fragile items to arrive on time and intact. But packing these pieces requires special attention to put them in the best position possible for a successful delivery. And it's unlikely the recipient will be more forgiving if an easily damaged piece doesn't arrive as planned.

To help businesses with this delicate area of parcel shipping, we created a guide covering the essentials of packing fragile items. It covers:

  • How shippers should approach and prepare for packaging
  • What materials matter most to keep fragile items safe
  • How to build consistent, reliable packaging processes from labeling to item placement in containers
  • Item-specific tips for glassware, instruments, food and more
  • Why parcel insurance is so important when shipping fragile items

Once items are on the truck, it's hard to know how they'll be handled. Sometimes accidents happen that are out of everyone's control. Maximizing product safety is critical to giving fragile items the best chance to arrive safely and survive the trip unscathed. Our guide offers strong foundations to ship fragile safely – so what are you waiting for?

Your shipping experts

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